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Equitape wormer for horses contains praziquantel and only treats tapeworm. One treatment of Equitape will treat 600kg bodyweight. Kills tapeworm at a single dose.

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Product Brand : Zoetis
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The first specialist tape worm treatment

One tiny single tube treats a horse up to 600kg

Deals with all three tapeworm species

Check with your vet regarding pregnant Mares

No interference with your annual wormer rotation as Equitape is given spring and early autumn regardless of whatever other wormer is in use for roundworms.
no more double dosing.

equitape contains active ingredient praziquantel.

 equitape controls tapeworm with a single dose.

Specific to controlling tapeworms, praziquantel offers a more effective alternative compared to double dosing with pyrantel-based wormers, wormers which only control A. perfoliata
(Proudman C et al, 1995).

 equitape offers flexible tapeworm control.

Can be used on its own to purely treat a horse with a known tapeworm infestation, or can be used in the spring and autumn as part of a comprehensive worm control programme. So giving you the flexibility to treat your horse purely for tapeworm exactly when you need to.

 equitape is safe to use alongside routine wormers.

equitape can be used alongside other routine wormers, such as equest

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