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For the treatment and control of adult and immature gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms and bots of horses, including:
Large strongyles
Strongylus vulgaris adults and 4th larval (arterial) stages
Strongylus edentatus adults and 4th larval (tissue) stages
Strongylus equinus adults
Small strongyles, adults
Cyathostomum spp.
Cylicocyclus spp.
Cylicodontophorus spp.
Cylicostephanus spp.
Gyalocephalus spp.
Trichostrongylus axei adults
Oxyuris equi adults and immatures
Parascaris equorum adults
Intestinal threadworms
Strongyloides westeri adults
Large-mouth stomach worms
Habronema muscae adults
Neck threadworms
Onchocerca spp. (microfilariae)
Dictyocaulus arnfieldi adult and immature
Stomach bots
Gasterophilus spp. or
Dosage and administration
ERAQUELL paste is given by mouth at the recommended dose rate of 200 micrograms per kg of bodyweight as a single dose. Each syringe division delivers sufficient paste to treat 100kg of bodyweight (corresponding to 1.07g product and 20mg ivermectin). Each syringe delivers 140mg ivermectin, sufficient to treat 700kg of bodyweight.
The horse’s weight should be accurately determined to ensure use of the correct dose of product.
The animal’s mouth must be free of food. The syringe should be placed between the front and back teeth and the paste deposited at the base of the tongue. Immediately elevate the head for a few seconds to ensure that the product is swallowed. Re-treatment should be carried out according to the epidemiological situation and at not less than 30 day intervals. Eraquell may be used in pregnant mares.
al and gastric larval stages
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