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Horse Wormers


The aim of your wormer treatment at this time is to reduce the number of adult parasites in the horses intestine.This will stop the shredding of worm eggs on to the pasture and therefore the re-infection of your horse.
The wormers containing
IVERMECTIN or PYRANTEL are most effective at this time of year, a second dose should be repeated 8 weeks after the first dose. An alternative to this is a MOXEDECTIN wormer which can be given at 13 week intervals. Summer is also the time to test your horse for worm burden using our worm count kits

Free Fly repellent with any order over £99

Ensures your horse is protected from all flying and biting insects. Contains citronella oil. Improves coat condition and shine. Suitable for all exposed areas of coat, invisible upon application and does not stain. HSE approved as safe and effective. Contains no listed FEI banned substances. Safe for you, your horse and the environment.
(One free gift per customer)

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