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Fungicidal wash for horses and dogs.

Concentrated solution containing enilconazole 100mg/ml.

Indicated for the control of ringworm and other forms of dermatomycosis in horses and dogs.

Directions for use:
Dilute 1 part Imaverol fungicidal wash in 50 parts lukewarm water. For example dilute 20ml Imaverol fungicidal wash to make 1 litre of Imaverol emulsion.

Only dilute the quantity needed to treat animal immediately.

Before treating remove any crusts on animal with a hard brush. Imaverol can be sued to soak the crusts. It is highly recommended that the animal be sprayed entirely at the first treatment so that areas surrounding the infection are reached as well.

Horses: Areas of infection and surrounding skin should be washed with Imaverol 4 times, at 3 to 4 day intervals.

Dogs: Wash with Imaverol 4 times, at 3 to 4 day intervals. While doing this rub thoroughly in the opposite direction to hair growth to make sure that the skin is thoroughly wet. For the same reason it is recommended to clip long-haired dogs before treatment. New hair growth may be temporarily discoloured.

Treat twice weekly for 2 weeks (4 treatments)

First treatment: Wash entire animal with solution. Brush hair to ensure skin and hair are thoroughly soaked with Imaverol.

Second treatment: Apply doluted solution to ringworm lesions.

Third treatment: Apply diluted solution to ringworm lesions.

Fourth treatment: Wash entire animal with solution. Brush hair to ensure skin and hair are thoroughly soaked with Imaverol.

To assist in prevention of re-infection and contamination by ringworm spores, wash or spray all stable equipment including girth straps, saddle, harnesses, bridles, head stalls and riding boots etc. Wash or spray also all equipment used for dogs such as brushes, baskets, blankets etc.

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A synthetic copy of the equine appeasing pheromone. Since equine appeasing pheromone was identified, numerous studies have been conducted confirming its efficacy in controlling stress in commonly encountered situations in horses of all ages, including loading, travelling, environmental changes, training, events and social situations (weaning, farrier visits and vet visits). Available as a pack of 10 gel sachets which is applied just inside the nostrils of the horse. The action of the gel works in 30 minutes and lasts approximately 2.5 hours after application.
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Fully licenced, (MAPP: 10136), environmentally friendly agricultural herbicide that destroys ragwort in record time. Ideal to use all year round, not affected by frost. Sold as a ready to use spot spray in a 5lt container with an applicator gun.

Farm Wormers is a leading UK supplier of worming and other animal medicinal, and veterinary products for use in livestock and household pets.

Established in 1981, it has become a leading company in the supply of Wormers and related products.