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A ready to administer paste wormer, containing pyrantel, for the treatment of adult infections of large and small roundworms, ascarids and pinworms in the gastro-intestinal tract of horses, ponies and foals. Pyratape P also treats and controls tapeworm infections.

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Product Brand : InterVet
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Pyratape contains pyrantel, a horse wormer effective against adult large and small redworms, ascarids, pinworms and at a double dose some tapeworms. It does not kill worm eggs, larvae, lungworms or bots. Tapeworms are carried by forage mites and can result in horses suffering from colic. The dose of Pyratape to control them is TWICE that needed for other worms, ie two tubes for an average horse (there is not an alternative formulation of granules). Dosage for tapeworms is best given twice a year towards the beginning and end of the grazing season and the Autumn dose used with Panacur Equine Guard for fullest possible removal of parasites. The normal (not tapeworm) dose needs to be repeated every 4 - 6 weeks. One tube will treat a 600 kg horse, but two are needed for tapeworm

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