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Hadrian Equine established in 1981 is the largest supplier of 'Horse Wormers' to the horse owner in the UK. Over 50,000 satisfied horse owners purchase their horse wormers using our easy to order service.

Hadrian Equine uses its extensive buying power to bring you the best value Horsewormers and related products.

Hadrian Equine Limited is actively involved in BSJA Showjumping, and are the largest sponsor of showjumping classes in the North East of England.

David Leak who is a registered and qualified Pharmacist with the RPSGB (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain) registered number 2025567 with the General Pharmaceutical council can provide help and guidance to ensure the best protection for all Horses Cats and Dogs with regard to worming.

Regular worming is a crucial aspect of caring for horses and ponies. Unless wormed regularly, some horses will develop serious health problems which could have lasting consequences. All owners should develop a worm control plan which best suits their animals and ensure it is routinely followed.

If you have any questions regarding worming please give us a ring for advice or you can find answers to frequently asked questions in our ‘Advice and frequently asked questions’ section.


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