Wormers For Cats & Dogs

Hadrian Equine offer a wide selection cat and dog wormers (also referred to as dewormers) to fulfil all your requirements.


Every dog should be protected against potentially fatal diseases.

Roundworm and tapeworm (intestinal parasites) can affect dogs at any age, so they should be treated regularly for worms. Worms can cause sickness and diarrhoea in young animals but adult dogs may show no signs. Worming is easy, effective and costs little using a worming preparation obtained from your pharmacist, vet or online shop. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Adult dogs should be wormed at least every 6 months. Pregnant bitches and bitches with young puppies should be wormed more frequently. It is essential that puppies are wormed when they are about 2 weeks old and then treated at regular intervals until they are at least 6 months old. Always seek veterinary advice before worming your puppy.

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Why pay top prices for branded wormers for your cats and dogs such as Drontal when cheaper alternatives are available.

For example Drontal dogs x 8 £16.70
Easimax dogs x 8 £12.09 ( identical to Drontal )